Jyoti has started painting when she was 10 years old and has been painting for last 25 years now.
Her artworks were derived from her experiences of life and the learnings which she has received along the journey of life. Jyoti has done 2 solo shows and many group exhibitions so far and she aims to dedicate her soul towards her passion. Creativity doesn’t need any degree and that’s what made Jyoti a self-taught artist. Jyoti has never achieved any formal education in fine arts and her creations depict life and beautiful nature. Her transformation from figurative to landscape abstracts has been a journey in itself. At the start of her professional art career, Jyoti started creating figurative works depicting the emotions of women and children mainly but not limited to that she has also created a few artworks on the most beautiful animal, Horses and she captured the journey of SHIVA through a tri-painting series. From the realistic works of portraits to contemporary tribal series and to abstracts, Jyoti’s works depict the optimism towards life and bring inspiration for people to never let the hope and positivity die.