My perception of Art

For me, Art is a passion which should come from within the innate soul of the artist. I believe in creating art from my mind and soul and I put my heart to every single piece of my work. Art is beyond the perception of beauty and the intention of the creator. It is about interpretation. It must connect with something or someone. My creations depict my influences derived from my feelings and experiences from different phases of life that conveys a message towards optimism. Entire effort towards my paintings helps me to rediscover my inner self at each path of my journey through life and would want to continue with it.
Through my tribal series, I tried to capture the myriad expressions and emotions of womanhood and motherhood through the portrayals of the tribal women. I have voluntarily associated with Dharti Foundation, an NGO, and have been observing very closely the amount of struggle this NGO is undergoing for a tribal cause, one which has also been an integral part of the underprivileged sector of India. I’ve dedicated my solo show “Strength and Dignity” to the underprivileged tribal unwed mothers of Odisha and their children.
Through my ‘Infinite Diorama’ series I am trying to portray the eternal beauty of the landscapes through the eyes of my soul. In search of the horizon which is truly inevitable and as beautiful as it should be. I tried to imagine a landscape which is beyond beauty full of warmth and emotions which puts us in mind of calmness and contemplation. In such a scene, my experience of ‘beauty’ is essentially a product of the pleasant sensations which the scene evokes. There is an infinity of landscape here, caused by the purity of the atmosphere which I tried to capture in my paintings. I’m in truly love with the God’s most beautiful creation “Nature” and I try to capture the colourful moods of the landscape. I have been much struck with the subdued and harmonious colour of the landscape – the distinctiveness of the bushes, skies and sea. What has impressed me very much is that the values are so subtle when we imagine beautiful landscapes, wherever you look, there are romantic landscapes and human intervention cannot improve their design. Landscape is so infinite which is beyond ones’ imagination..
My figurative works are associated with a social theme wherein my abstracts are truly inspired by the natural beauty..A Nature which is endless and cannot be defined to one canvas. It needs an infinite effort to create my world of nature.
A part of my process before I begin painting is to read as much as I can about the specific set of themes I am about to recreate on canvas. The paintings should display the emotions even if it’s just a visual impression through abstracts.
My quest of perfection in art is endless and would keep on exploring new avenues in my journey through my passion.